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B+B Cable probes

The range of B+B cable temperature probes is widely spread, so that everyone can find the right probe for their individual applications. Our cable probes impress with their versatile application options. No matter whether liquid, gaseous or solid media, depending on the structure and requirements, we offer you the suitable B+B cable probe.

A protective sleeve made of stainless steel is used for our cable temperature probes, which ideally protects the actual temperature sensor from environmental influences and mechanical loads. The protective sleeve can be made from a wide range of stainless steel materials to meet the requirements, which means that it offers optimal properties for a wide variety of locations. The various sensors are hidden in the protective sleeve e.g. Pt100, Pt1000, KTY, DS18S20 or NTC.

Depending on the area of ​​application, the cable temperature probes are manufactured with different sleeve lengths, cable materials, cable lengths and degrees of protection. We offer cable temperature probes with PVC cable, silicone cable, PTFE cable and glass fiber / stainless steel braid. The main difference between these cables is their temperature resistance. The PVC cable has the lowest and the glass fiber cable the highest temperature resistance. Depending on the requirements of the application, the appropriate cable is selected and connected to the corresponding sensor.

The areas of application are wide and range from heating technology to air conditioning technology, refrigeration technology, solar systems, heat pumps to white goods and plant construction. Thanks to special potting and sealing techniques, we are also able to supply probes with different IP protection classes.

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