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B+B is upgrading its machinery – achievements in 2019

In 2019 the time had finally come and after a long planning phase, the new long lathe CNC moved into the production hall of the B + B headquarters in Donaueschingen. In contrast to its predecessor, this takes up significantly more space. But it also has some advantages. With 31 tools, a bar loader and 12 programmable axes, all diameters and materials from 4 mm to 32 mm can be machined. The turning length of 320 mm and the passage of 32 mm are a significant increase over the predecessor. The high pressure system with 130 bar ensures optimal cooling and heat dissipation, which are the best prerequisites for processing round and shaped bars.

Regardless of whether stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or brass, production times have been halved compared to the previous machine. For example, an acceptance part previously took around 4 minutes, had to be processed on 2 machines, and also required an employee to insert the part. Thanks to the new achievement, the production time was reduced to approx. 2.5 minutes. In addition, processing on a second machine is no longer required, and therefore no employee who has to intervene again.


The long lathe CNC thus delivers great time and capacity savings, as well as greater precision in the end result. Conversely, this also requires better qualification of employees. The operation of this highly complex machine is significantly more extensive and complicated than that of the previous version. With the purchase of the machine, it was immediately ensured that all employees received complete training in the operation and maintenance of the machine.


In addition to the large long lathe CNC, B + B has two other achievements in 2019.

An additional injection molding machine was purchased to expand the machine park. It is the same model as the existing B + B injection molding machine. This means that the tools can be used on both machines and no additional purchases are necessary. Thanks to the practical V-table, the injection molding machine brings with it two mold halves, one of which is in the injection molding process and the other can be loaded in parallel by one employee. This reduces the cycle time enormously and the order processing can be planned more flexibly. Equipped with a dryer, cooling and heating system as well as a high temperature set / spray nozzle, plastics can be injected and processed up to 400 ° C. Constant process reliability is always guaranteed.


A robot arm in final production was also added to B + B Thermo-Technik GmbH’s inventory in 2019. This supports the production in all work steps and thus considerably facilitates hand-made production.

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