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B+B kiro product series

Big data, Industry 4.0 and digitization. This is what everyone is talking about these days. But what exactly do these terms mean? The basic idea that underpins them all involves obtaining added value from information. A few years ago, the emerging trend was to supply production lines with components just-in-time, and later just-in-sequence – and now the aim is to coordinate whole inter-company production chains.

At Sensor & Test 2016, B+B opened the gates to the Internet of Things with its new kiro product series. The wireless measuring systems bring intelligence to your measurement application – as well as the customary B+B quality designed and made in Germany!

The kiro solo system has been specially developed for refrigerators, cold storage facilities, laboratories, incubators and greenhouses, for instance. The data from each individual kiro solo data logger, whether it involves temperature, humidity, pressure, luminosity or CO², is transmitted straight to the cloud with the aid of a WLAN and the suitable B+B sensors. The only requirement is WiFi access to the internet. Once in the cloud, the data can be displayed easily via any common browser on a PC, smartphone or tablet – anywhere! The displayed measurement data can then be presented as a PDF report or in the form of an Excel table for further processing with just one click. That is all there is to it!

You can use kiro multi to set up large networks of sensors involving long ranges (several hundred metres!) – maintenance-free and environmentally friendly through the use of solar energy.

Each individual kiro multi sensor node sends its measurement values to the kiro multi gateway wirelessly. Measurements can be taken at different locations simultaneously, so it is possible to monitor a whole complex of buildings with just one system. Each of the sensor nodes can also function as a repeater, in other words strengthen signals to bridge long distances. With a solar cell on the device itself, each sensor node has its own power supply and no maintenance is required. If the system is required for measurements in dark rooms, the integrated energy storage unit can supply power for up to 2 years. Then it simply needs to be charged using mains current for a short time or by means of a powerbank. The wireless technology – powered by endiio – means that no cabling is needed and fast installation and commissioning can be guaranteed. The gateway transmits the measurement data to a facility in the cloud and makes the data available to the user.

In 2017, B+B presented an extension to the kiro product range at the Sensor & Test trade fair.

The kiro local system is based on the 2402-2480 MHz technology that can be used across the globe. A radio frequency is used to send the measured data to a gateway where they can be evaluated locally. The gateway then sends the data on into the cloud. kiro local’s special feature: A kiro local sensor node is the size of a circular notice board magnet.

Whether you need a single sensor or a large network with several hundred: with kiro you will find the right solution for retrieving your data at any time, accurately and reliably from the cloud, wherever you may be – so missed alarms and messages become a thing of the past. You can also store and manage calibration certificates in the cloud. As an option, you can arrange for automatic reminders about regular recalibration dates according to statutory requirements.
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Tell us what you need, and we will find a suitable and high-quality solution for your application.
The Internet of Things is starting now – kiro adds intelligence to your measurement application!

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