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Development and Production

Thermocouple connectors, temperature, humidity and pressure sensors

With our specialist development, design and construction departments, we are able to respond quickly to the customers own specification and requirements. Experience within this well established engineering team enables them to work flexibly and closely with the customer. Their know-how and professional manner make sure that the end product is the optimal solution.

B+B is a modern progressive company continually striving to meet the demands of tomorrow. Employees, both on the shop floor and in the offices, are trained regularly so they are up to date with the latest processes and standards to ensure high quality, precision and service.

The quality of our products is constantly being examined to meet the high standards expected by our customers. One important factor to ensure continual quality is that the employees are able to enjoy a modern, clean, working atmosphere.

Effective communication is essential for us to progress, as is receiving objective criticism. We promote the ideas and own- initiative of our employees with encourages a strong team spirit.

Highest Quality since 1984

2 important components of our corporate philosophy are quality and customer proximity. This is why B+B manufactures almost all its products in Germany, or by its 100% owned subsidiaries worldwide.

This ensures continual quality control, flexible working relationship with customers and prompt deliveries.

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