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For a pleasant indoor climate

B+B VOC-probe

This high-power sensor shows exactly when it‘s time to ventilate your living space or business premises.
Installed in a wall housing it measures the air quality (VOC* fumes), humidity and temperature. The measured value is displayed by LEDs.
The sensor has 3 LEDs (green, yellow and red) with those the current VOC-content is displayed:
Green: < 800 ppm (good air quality)
Yellow: 800…1200 ppm (okay air quality)
Red: > 1200 ppm (bad air quality)
The probe is available in a simple version which just measures VOC and in a version with a rely which measures VOC, temperature and humidity. With the relay a fan or window regulators can be controlled.

*VOC describes gaseous and vapourous evaporation from humans, furnishing, walls etc. like hydrocarbon, alcohols, aldehyds and organic acids. like hydrocarbon, alcohols, aldehyds and organic acids.

•    Measuring the air quality, VOC equivalent to CO2
•    Measuring of humidity and temperature (optional)
•    Displays VOC-Conzentration (traffic lights)
•    3 Outputs 0…10 V for VOC, temperature and relative humidity
•    Easy retrofit of unregulated ventilation systems possible
•    In wall housing

Areas of application
•    Class rooms
•    Offices
•    Hotel rooms
•    Lecture halls
•    Meeting rooms
•    Living areas
•    Business spaces
•    Gyms
•    Building automation
•    Climate recording

More information
Download press release [PDF | 72KB]

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