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One of our smallest: Digital humidity/temperature probe HYT 131

Starterkit for Hytelog Multisensor
The digital B+B humidity/temperature probe HYT131 is ideally suited to gain first experience in humidity and temperature measuring. It is suitable for measuring the ambient air (aggressive atmospheres are to be avoided) and delivers highly reliable measuring results in a tiny space due to the proven technology of the HYT131.
Embedded in a handy RJ12-housing the compact probe offers the perfect entry-level solution for measuring technology beginners by means of „plug and play“-method.
The signal processing, which is integrated in the sensor, processes the measuring values completely and supplies the measurement results as a digital value via I²C- interface. The probe is precisely calibrated and fully interchangeable without adjustment. The linearity error as well as the temperature drift are corrected by means of programming to create the most accurate measurement results.
The probe is delivered in an ESD protection bag. It is ready for use after unpacking and can be connected to the Hytelog Multisensor. It is also available directly as a set. You can of course also connect the sensor to your own application.

• Measuring range 0…100% RH, -20…+70 °C
• Calibrated and temperture compensated
• Dimensions (LxWxH) 23x10x8,3 mm
• Accuracy ±3% RH, temperature ±0,4 °C
• Kompensated linearity error and temperature drift
• Operating voltage 2,7…5,5 V
• I²C-adress 0x28 or alternativ adress

Areas of application with the B+B Hytelog Multisensor
• Temperature-/Humidity measuring in the air
• Control measurements in rooms, especially climate rooms
• Control measurements at drying processes (tea, herbs, hop)
• Clever entry-level solution for beginners in the humidity and temperature measuring technology

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