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Latest infrared cameras now available – advantages of non-contact temperature measurement

Infrared temperature measurement has many advantages. The measurement of moving, difficult to access or very hot objects is absolutely no problem and the very short measurement and response times speak for the perfect solution in complex processes. In addition, the measurement has no influence on the measuring object, which means that neither the process is disturbed nor the measuring point is destroyed or worn. The new, compact and reliable infrared cameras also provide support here with the latest technology and high precision.

Our eyes only see the environment in visible light. This means that we can only see a small part of the radiation spectrum and most of the spectrum is invisible to us. However, this radiation area, which is invisible to us, offers an incredible amount of information that remains hidden from us. Because every body that has a temperature above 0 ° K (-273.15 ° C) emits radiation that also contains a proportion of infrared radiation.

These prerequisites make it possible to measure the temperature of various bodies using infrared measurement technology and to record corresponding changes quickly and easily. Temperature measurement using infrared measurement technology is a very powerful method for observing, evaluating and controlling process temperatures. It is also indispensable in the preventive maintenance of machines and systems. Depending on the area of ​​application, a choice is made between portable and stationary infrared measurement technology. A distinction is also made between point and image measuring devices.

If the critical area or area to be measured can be precisely localized, a point measuring infrared measuring device is used. The size of the measuring object determines which optics are selected for the measuring device. This enables you to precisely monitor the temperature and, if necessary, to optimize the process – before quality problems arise.

Our infrared thermometers “Made in Germany” are suitable for these stationary applications. Our DM series is characterized by precise measurement results, measurement spot markings and high-quality accessories. The pyrometers can be used to measure a wide variety of materials.

In the event that there is not just one critical area or that this area cannot be precisely localized, the use of image measuring devices, i.e. infrared cameras, makes more sense and is more effective. Often critical points are localized with the camera via the thermal image display and then permanently monitored with the help of one or more stationary infrared thermometers. The new thermal imaging cameras provide you with exact temperature values ​​in real time and are used in a wide variety of industries. All thermal imaging cameras can be connected to your computer via USB. This gives you high-resolution recordings to analyze area measurements and to save temperature curves. The cameras are available in different versions with selectable lenses, specially tailored to different requirements.

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