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Letter - E

Electro-Magnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference, which affects the performance of electronic equipment.


At a given wavelength the ratio of infrared energy radiated by an object at a given temperature to that emitted by a blackbody at the same temperature The emissivity of a blackbody is unity at all wavelengths.


The enthalpy is a measure of the energy which is necessary to bring the gas at a certain temperature, pressure and humidity condition into another condition. The zero point of the enthalpy has been fixed at 0 °C and 0 %RH. In practice, it is often not the absolute value but the difference of Enthalpy between two climate-conditions of interest.

Environmental Rating

A rating given (usually by agencies and regulatory bodies) to indicate the severity of the environment in which the unit will function reliably.

External Reset (Trigger)

Initialization of an instrument to its state at power up including Signal conditioning features (Peak Hold, Valley Hold, Sample Hold, Average, (1-way RS232,
etc.) via the external reset input.

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