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Precise temperature sensors for device technology

B + B has been a permanent partner of well-known customers in the food industry for many years. B + B sensors are used especially in the areas of catering and kitchen technology as well as appliance technology. Not only the excellent construction and the high quality of the sensors are convincing, also the contact to our competent contacts leads to quick success.

In detail we present the application example of built-in temperature sensors in the oven. Various quality sensors from B + B are used here. Whether ovens, steamers or combi steamers, B + B has expertise in these areas.

Due to their enormous heat resistance, accuracy and easy handling, the sensors are particularly suitable for use in ovens. Sensors that are installed directly in the cooking space consist of food-safe and extremely heat-resistant materials and impress with their small, compact designs. These materials include, for example, protective sleeves made of stainless steel or handles made of the high-temperature plastic Peek. In particular, the core temperature sensor, which the end customer actively uses, is easy to use and convinces with little dirt edges and an ergonomic handle. With the help of the molded handle, the probe tip and the cable are held together securely and hygienic, easy cleaning is possible. So the user can easily determine the core temperature of the cooking product and also saves a lot of time for complex cleaning. The pyrolysis sensor actively protects the user from burns, because during the pyrolysis process the device is locked when a temperature specified by the manufacturer is reached. Only when the temperature falls below the limit specified by the manufacturer after the self-cleaning process, does the temperature sensor release the door for the user.

B + B sensors are also used in many other areas of device technology. For example, you can also find our sensors in refrigerators, freezers, freezers and cold stores. Here you monitor the temperature desired and set by the user and ensure an optimal user experience. Stainless steel sleeves and precise temperature sensors ensure safe and balanced cooling and the food can be specifically cooled to the required temperature.

In addition to the devices mentioned, the universal sensors are also used in cleaning technology (washing machines, dishwashers, continuous systems), cooking technology (combi steamer, rapid oven) or preparation technology (mixers, injectors, smoke systems). The precise sensor technology ensures optimal energy use and the devices / systems are particularly efficient.

Please contact us, we are your competent contact for measurement technology in the area of ​​large kitchen appliances, catering kitchens and white goods.

We look forward to your needs.

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