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We use the latest CNC technique for the manufacturing of turned and milled part. Due to the additional use of CAM geometrical datas can be read directly from CAD. These results in a more efficient use of the CNC machinery.

The usage of these technologies allows us the processing of:

  • High-alloyed acid-resistant steels
  • Nonferrous metals
  • Plastics

Safe measurement technik with the lates electronics technology:

  • Efficient and quick working with the ASIC technology
  • High-precise reconciliation in our calibration laboratories for temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness and motion
  • Own assembly plant allos a high flexibility
  • ESD conform working areas

Our product range for temperature measurement extends from the manufacturing of sensors or resistant thermometers to thermocouples. We offer for  numerous applications the suitable measurement technique –  from OEM applications to special industry solution

Our aim is to fullfill the requirement of our customers for innovative and standard products.

  • Development and manufacturing of temperature probes
  • High precision temperature measurement
  • Wide product range
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Different temperature applications of -200°C to +1800°C
  • OEM applications

A lot of technical processes are dependent or suggestible of the air humidity. In order to secure smooth production processes it is essential to detect the air humidity. Mostly the relative humidity serves as a reference quantity.

As the relative air humidity is very dependent on the temperature we offer you reliable measurement systems, which combine a wide range of humidity – and temperature sensors, for the control of the air humidity. These measurement instruments are especially suitable for the cooling – and airconditioning technology  as well as for the building automation.

Product range:

  • Humidity sensors
  • Humidity probes
  • Humidity modules / transducers
  • Humidity- and temperature measurement units
  • Digital humidity measurement systems
  • Humidity switching devices / controllers
  • customer specific calibration

In processes where you have to measure in liquids and gaseous medias you need pressure measurement technique. We offer you for your application a wide range from sensors to sensor modules as well as pressure measurement systems.

  • customer specific design and temperature compensated, precise calibration
  • precise pressure measurement in liquids and gaseous medias
  • Pressure sensors
  • Pressure modules
  • Pressure transducer
  • Pressure measurement from -1 bar (vacuum) to 2500 (3000) bar
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