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B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH aus Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg in Deutschland. Sensorik und Messtechnik. Regenmelder

The B+B rain detector unit – A quality product is given a redesign

The rain detector is a proven quality product from B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH. Not only the customers in the online shop, but also professional users in the field of building automation have trusted this product for years. Now the classic has received a redesign and thus impresses with optimized electronics.

The sensor surface has been optimized so that the reliability is increased in difficult operating conditions (e.g. driving rain). To ensure this, the tips of the sensor surface no longer run vertically downwards, but at an angle of 80 °. In addition, the individual areas of the sensor surface are now significantly narrower and thus detect rain and snow more reliably. In addition to the optimized sensor surface, automatic activation of the sensor heating has also been integrated. This is only active when the sensor surface is wet and is used to quickly dry the sensor surface and remove snow residues. In addition, there is now an adjustable switch-off delay in the rain detector. This can be set individually to approx. 90 to 330 seconds, depending on the requirements.

Basically, the rain detector is used to control end devices in building automation. The rain detector can e.g. the operation of awnings or roof windows can be controlled automatically. The switching polarity and the sensitivity are adjustable. In the most sensitive setting, the device is also suitable for detecting fog. The mast or wall bracket available as an accessory enables easy installation.


  • Functionally reliable, electrolytic measuring principle
  • Detects precipitation as rain or snow
  • Large, heated sensor surface for faster drying and for winter operation
  • Adjustable sensitivity and switching behavior
  • Universal wall / mast bracket available as an accessory

Application areas:

  • Agriculture and gardening
  • Control of ventilation hatches and roof windows, Automatic switch for awnings and blinds
  • Building management technology and Weather stations

Rain detector unit 12V, Art.-No. REGME 12 V

Rain detector unit 24V, Art.-No. REGME 24 V 

Wall mounting kit, Art.-No. REGME-WAHA

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