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The salt pot

The „Salt Pot“ – in a set, from B+B
Humidity reference cells for humidity probes

Humidity reference cells, also known as „salt pot” in the past, serve to control and adjust the humidity probes.
The cell will be produced in testing chambers attaining a highly defined relative air humidity by using a saturated salt solution. Exact calibrations are now possible when using the reference cells between the sensor and reference humidity in the styropor insulation container.

Performance features
• High accuracy through using salt of high quality, purity degree „per analysis“
Standard complete sets with humidity values of 32,9 % and 75,4 % RH are available with 2 adaptor versions.
Adaptor threadsize: M20 x 1,5 mm or G1/2
• High quality diaphragm to ensure safe working without contact with the salt solution
• Transparent salt containers for visual control of the saturation

Typical areas of application
• Calibration of humidity measuring instruments and their probes
• Defining humidity storage in samples
• Humidification cells for research and development purpose

Scope of delivery
• The sets are supplied with polystyrol calibration receptacles. (When ordering single reference cells
You may also order the receptacle additionally)
• There are different versions available with humidity values from 11,3 % RH to 97,4 % RH

Please ask about the values you require.

More informations
Download press release [PDF | 190KB]

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