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B+B kiro product series

Big data, Industry 4.0 and digitization. This is what everyone is talking about these days. But what exactly do these terms mean? The basic idea that underpins them all involves obtaining added value from information. A few years ago, the…

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Good – Better – MOULDED

B+B injection moulding technology creates the newest thermocouple miniature plug Progress at B+B Thermo-Technik is paramount. In 2015 the first plastic injection moulding system  began operating. Since then this versatile machine has continually been overmoulding B+B penetration probes, B+B Low-Cost…

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Hygienic, robust and steamproof

The hygienic measurement and control of the temperature is one of the most important factors in the beverage industry. B+B offer suitable products which meets the expectations of the beverage industry. One special product is e.g. the penetration probe with…

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The salt pot

The „Salt Pot“ – in a set, from B+B Humidity reference cells for humidity probes Humidity reference cells, also known as „salt pot” in the past, serve to control and adjust the humidity probes. The cell will be produced in…

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