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Temperature measurement technique

B+B Thermo-Technik has been developing and manufacturing both standard and customer specific temperature probes, high quality thermocouple connectors and a wide range of accessories since 1984. Customers include well known OEM’s, retail distributors, Universities, and “the man in the street”.
Take advantage of our vast experience and abundance of technical “Know-How”. We are able to use our professional expertise to cover all your temperature applications and solve possible problems.

Working hand in hand with our customers to arrive at the optimal solution is one of our strengths. B+B is used to developing the idea through to the prototype and on the production series. Simply send your enquiry.

Temperature measurement technique deliverable on stock

In our online shop you get a wide range of Temperature probes deliverable on stock. Furthermore you can get a wide range of accessories and measurement units!

The following links will lead you to our online shop directly:

Cable probes

Our cable probes can, depending on the design, be used for temperatures up to 350°C. Suitable for the measuring unit we deliver different temperature probes such as PT100, PT1000, Ni1000, TK5000, NTC 5K©, NTC 10K&, KTY 81-110, KTY 81-210


  • Construction of transformers
  • Solarthermics
  • Air conditioning technique
  • Heating engineering

Screw-in probe

Ideal for usage in liquid and gaseous media. Our screw in probes are used in dry and humid rooms for a temperture range from -40°C …. +400°C. For the measurement unit different temperature probes are used such as PT100, Pt1000 or thermocouples according to DIN EN 584 type J and K


  • Air conditioning solar heating
  • Heating-, ventilation- and air conditioning technique
  • Furnace construction
  • Plant construction
  • Engineering
  • Plastics industry

Temperature probe with connection head

Reliable density with under- and overpressure during usage in liquids and gaseous medias can be be expected from our temperature probes with connection head. The connection head is suitable for ambient temperatures up to +100°C. The measuring range for standard applications is -50°C …. +800°C and is extendable up to +1200°C. In the measurement unit different thermocouples according to DIN EN 60 584, class 1 and DIN 43710 or Pt elements according to DIN EN 60 751 can be used.


  • Plastics industry
  • Pharmacy and Medicin technique
  • Engineering
  • Food Industry

Penetration probe

B+B offers a wide range of robust and steamproof penetration probes. The penetration tube is made of stainless steel and is available with centric or bevelled penetration tip. Our penetration probes are used in the control of cooking and baking processes and in all domains of the food and beverage industry. For core temperatures of -50°C … +260°C.


  • Food control
  • Meat processing machinery
  • Freezer cabinets
  • Cooking ovens
  • Baking ovens
  • Cooking and smoking units
  • Quality assurance in the food industry

Temperature probe for handheld units

B+B offers measurement instruments for different measurement applications. For that reason we have a variety of temperature probes for these handheld units. Available as penetration-, air-, immersion- and surface probe. Depending on the design, the probe, the tips are suitable for temperature ranges of -50°C … +1100°C.

Thermocouple connectors

The thermocouple connectors are the ideal connection between components and thermocouple materials. B+B thermocouple connectors are used wherever you measure and control temperature with thermocouples and where the portability of the measurement instruments respectively probes are the most important criteria. The different colours of our housings are analogue to the colour coding of the various national and international standards (DIN IEC 584-3, DIN EN 60584).Due to their design the thermocouple connectors are polarised and depending on the design (type K, J, S, T, N, R, B) usable for temperatures up to +900°C


  • Temperature measurement with thermocouples
  • Industrial applications

Outdoor probe

The B+B outdoor probes are ideally suited for measuring temperature outdoors. The sensor is constructed with a IP54 impact resistant and UV resistant plastic housing. The probe can be installed easily e.g. on an outdoor wall with just one screw.


  • Building automation
  • Heating / cooling / air-conditioning technology

Measurement instruments

B+B offers suitable temperature measuring devices for various applications whether for the expert in Industry and laboratory or the daily private usage. If you measure surface or core temperatures – even for demanding and easy measurement application – we can offer you the most suitable temperature measuring instrument. Please note to state the measuring range and the required accuracy and select according to the functions your device. We also offer you with the measurement unit the suitable handheld probe for your application.


  • Surface temperature measurement
  • Core temperature measurement
  • Air temperature measurement
  • Temperature measurement of liquids

Infrared measurement instruments

Temperature measurement with infrared is often mandatory with moveable or difficult to access measurement objects. B+B Thermo-Technik offers you high precise infrared temperature measurement systems for the mobile handheld devices as well as for the stationary (DM-Series) applications.
B+B has the right measurement system for many different kinds of surfaces and materials. Please do not hesitate to contact us for selecting the most suitable unit for your application.


  • Reliable temperature measurement with moving objects
  • Ideal for difficultly accessable measurement objects
  • Quick and non-contact temperature measurement
  • For non-contact measurement in the food industry

Controllers and indicators

Our indicators are equipped with a configurable input for different thermocouple types, resistant measurement Pt100, mA, mV and V.


  • Room control
  • Quality assurance
  • Process control
  • Analysis

Digital measurement systems

The digital temperature measurement systems of B+B Thermo-Technik are pre-calibrated, ready to use (plug&play) and designed for direct connection to PC-systems. Thanks to the open communication protocols they can also be integrated in complex measurement automation processes supported through our software LabView® and ProfiLab. For a more comfortable Logger Software with graphical surface, for real time visualization of the measurement rates we can offer the PCLOG which can be delivered subject to a charge on request


  • In complex measuremebt automation processes
  • Quality assurance
  • Room control

Temperature sensors

If installed, unobstructed, leaded or unleaded – in our B+B online shop you can find all kinds of temperature sensors like platinum sensors (Pt100, Pt200, Pt500, Pt1000), NTC, KTY and semiconductor sensors.
Operating temperatures of -200°C … +600°C

Probe for tubes

The B+B temperature probes for pipe surface measurements are constructed with an aluminium prism housing. Each probe comes with a tension chain with clamp allowing it to be used for different pipe diameters.
The probes are especially suitable for applications in cooling and air conditioning technology to record the flow and return flow temperature.


We offer special, international normed cables for the bypass of the distance between temperature sensor and evaluation electronic and to avoid faulty measurements. We have various thermocouple and compensation cables in our product range. For resistance thermometers copper cable with different conductor cross-sections are available. Operating temperatures of -200°C … +260°C

Wherever a briding is necessary between the sensor and electronic readings.

Gas sampling probes

The B+B gas sampling probes provide quick results – whether with probe diameter 10mm, 8 mm or 6 mm. In combination with the quick chemical measurement cells used in gas analyzers the B+B gas sampling probes allow an almost synchronic analysis and temperature measurement. You obtain an optimal measurement result. Deliverable with thermocouple type K (included as standard) or optionally with a firm built in or exchangeable probe tube. Of course, also delivery as a special construction according to your requirements.


  • Automotive
  • Environmental technology
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