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B+B provides the leading enterprises in the automotive industry with customer-specific developed measuring probes.The highly developed sensors of B+B make it possible to built better and better vehicles.


  • Mineral insulated thermocouples
  • Screw-in probe (e.g. Pt200)
  • Temperature probe for pipes
  • Infrared sensors
  • Outside air temperature sensors
  • Cooling liquid temperature sensors
  • Oil temperature sensors
  • High pressure sensors (Common Rail)
  • Oil pressure sensor
Mechanical engineering

B+B delivers various temperature probes according to the requirements of the machinery industry. We develop customer-specific solutions but also provide a wide range of standard products for various applications.


  • Mineral insulated thermocouples with connection cable
  • Screw-in probe
  • Resistance thermometer
  • Cable probe with cable adapter 90°
  • Temperature probe with connection head
  • Mounting controllers and indicators
  • Surface probes
  • High quality pressure transducers 4…20 mA
  • Humidity- and temperature probes 4…20 mA
Medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy

B+B offers temperature sensors for different measurement applications of the biotechnology, pharmacy and medical technology. The excellent long-term behaviour of the B+B temperature probes regarding frequent temperature changes and precise measuring values predestines these products:

  • Mineral insulated thermocouples
  • Screw-in probes
  • Screw-in probes
  • Cable probes
  • Autoclaves probes
  • Temperature- / humidity modules
  • Infrared measurement
  • CO2 measurement systems
Environmental technology

B+B delivers a wide range of products for the various applications in the environmental technology. Toxicity has no chance as B+B has the best measurement solutions.


  • Gas sampling probes
  • VOC sensor modules for room ambient
White goods

B+B delivers temperature probes for the use in household appliances. Thanks to well-engineered products and well-established production processes B+B provides its customers with a highly reliable, precise and long-lasting sensor technology.


  • Temperature probes for ovens and cooking chambers
  • Screw-in probes
  • Penetration probe
  • Penetration probes for food
  • Cable probes
Building automation

B+B delivers various components for the building automation. They include e.g. temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, switching modules, control devices, brightness and motion sensors as well as probes for detecting of liquid level or devices for the measuring of air quality, like the innovative VOC-probe. Additionally we offer a wide range of services such as the development of individuel OEM-products or our calibration service.


  • Temperature probes (collector probes, probes for tubes, screw-in probes, outdoor probes)
  • Temperature- and humidity measurement systems
  • Tripple sensor (CO2, temperature, air humidity)
  • VOC-sensor
  • Sauna probes
  • Humidity controllers
  • Dew point controller
  • Rain detector
  • Level controller for liquids, liquid level probes
  • Leakage unit
  • Brightness sensor,brightness probe
  • Motion sensor module
  • Controller, indicator
  • Datalogger
  • wheather protection housing / heat absorption hat

In the food industry the hygienic recording and controlling of temperature is an essential factor. B+B delivers optimized temperature sensors for the hygienic application in the food industry. They include e.g. temperature probes which are adapted for the hygienic use in the food industry like the B+B temperature probe with connection head BINOX and the screw in and penetration probes as well as contact-free infrared measurement technology, indicators and controllers, digital and infrared thermometers and temperature and humidity measuring devices.


  • Customer specific temperature probes
  • Accessories for temeperature probes
  • Mounting controllers and indicators
  • Thermocouple connectors
  • Temperature humidity probes
  • Temperature- and humidity measurement units
  • Infrared – temperature measurement technique
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