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Industries at B+B Thermo-Technik

Innovations, developments and a distinctive diversity represent an extraordinarily important role at B+B. For this reason, our diversity is not exclusively found in our extensive product repertoire, but also in the respective industries of measurement technology. From automotive, mechanical engineering, medicine or pharmacy, biotechnology, environmental technology, white goods, building technology or building automation to food technology. We represent your measurement technology expert.

In order to provide you with an overview of the industries we serve, we list them in the following section, including further references. Become a part of our enormous customer base today.

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Mechanical engineering

In the field of mechanical engineering we actively support small and large companies with our expertise. One of the ways we contribute to this is with temperature sensors. The more diverse the fields of application in mechanical engineering is, the more diverse the requirements for our sensors are. In addition to our enormous standard repertoire, we attach great importance to the development of customer-specific solutions.


  • Mineral insulated sheathed thermocouples with connecting cable
  • Screw-in sensors
  • Bayonet sensors
  • Cable sensors with 90° cable connectors
  • Temperature sensors with connection head
  • Built-in controllers and indicators
  • Surface sensors
  • High quality pressure transmitters 4…20 mA
  • Humidity and temperature sensors 4…20 mA

Food technology

In the area of food technology, the hygienic detection and control of temperature is an extremely important factor. B+B always offers the right product for this purpose. For hygienic applications in the food industry, we supply a wide range of companies with temperature probes, temperature sensors with the BINOX connection head or screw-in and core temperature sensors. Furthermore, indicators, controllers, digital and infrared thermometers, temperature and humidity measuring devices as well as the range of infrared measuring technology are used in a variety of applications and fields of application.


  • Customized temperature probes
  • Accessories for temperature probes
  • Built-in controllers and indicators
  • Thermocouple connectors
  • Temperature humidity probes
  • Temperature and humidity measuring instruments
  • Infrared temperature measurement
B+B Thermo-Technik | Messtechnik & Sensorik | Donaueschingen | Baden-Württemberg | Lebensmitteltechnik
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White goods

What would household appliances be without the targeted use of B+B measurement technology. Thanks to the highly developed products and mature articles as well as well-rehearsed manufacturing processes, we provide our customers with highly reliable, precise and durable sensor technology. Depending on the area of application and the requirements of the B+B product, we always enable innovative as well as customer-specific solutions for our customer base.


  • Temperature sensors for ovens and cooking chambers
  • Screw-in probes
  • Core temperature sensors
  • Food temperature sensors
  • Cable probes

Medicine, biotechnology, pharmacy

Another industry that has been pleased with B+B products for years includes medicine, biotechnology and pharmacy. On this occasion, the most diverse temperature sensors are used to ensure a variety of measurement tasks. An outstanding aspect represents the optimal long-term behavior of the temperature sensors of B+B in terms of frequent temperature changes and precise measured values of predestined products.


  • Mineral insulated thermocouples
  • Screw-on probes
  • Screw-in sensors
  • Cable probes
  • Autoclave sensors
  • Temperature/humidity modules
  • Infrared measurement
  • CO2 measuring systems
B+B Thermo-Technik | Messtechnik & Sensorik | Donaueschingen | Baden-Württemberg | Medizin, Pharmazie und Biotechnologie
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Umwelttechnik

Environment technology

Among other things, the concrete measurement of pollutant contents represents a relevant role in environmental technology. The environmental protection is also extremely important to B+B, which is why we always check internal processes for environmental friendliness and resource conservation. In order to be able to support other companies in this respect with the help of our measurement technology, we offer among other things different gas probes as well as a VOC sensor module for the indoor climate.


  • Gas sampling probes
  • VOC sensor module for indoor climate

Building automation

In this context, building automations are also pleased to receive a wide variety of components from B+B. You can find popular items in this sector. For example temperature, humidity and pressure sensors, indicators, controllers and a wide range of customized products in the form of innovative devices for special solutions. In addition to our product range, we always offer our customers a broad spectrum of further services. These include for example the development of individually tailored OEM products or our calibration service.


  • Temperature sensors (collector sensors, cable sensors, pipe contact sensors, screw-in sensors, outdoor sensors)
  • Temperature and humidity measuring systems
  • Triple sensors (CO2, temperature, humidity)
  • VOC sensors, sauna sensors, humidity controllers, dew point switch
  • Rain detectors
  • Level controllers for liquids, level sensors, leakage detectors
  • Brightness sensors, light sensors
  • Motion sensor modules, controllers, indicators
  • Data logger, weather protection housing/radiation hat
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Gebäudetechnik
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Automotive


B+B supplies leading companies in the automotive industry among other things with customized measuring sensors. Our highly developed sensor technology contributes fundamentally to the improvement of the overall quality with regard to the respective vehicles.


  • Mineral insulated thermocouples
  • Screw-in sensors (e.g. Pt200)
  • Pipe contact sensors
  • Infrared sensors
  • Outside air temperature sensors
  • Coolant temperature sensors
  • Oil temperature sensors
  • High pressure sensors (Common Rail)
  • Immersion pressure sensors, oil pressure sensors
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Individual customer solutions

We offer you always the possibility to develop individual products with our competent team.

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