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B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Messbereiche

Measuring ranges of B+B Thermo-Technik

Different measuring ranges – different possibilities. Not only our products and articles show a great variety. Our specific areas are also characterized by a wide spectrum. Here, we are responsible for the most different well-known companies in the areas of temperature, humidity, pressure, brightness, movement as well as air quality.

In order to be able to give you a small overview of the individual points of the respective ranges, we lead for you to the individual aspects structured.

B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Temperaturmesstechnik

Temperature measurement technology

Our extensive product range for temperature measurement technology extends from sensors to transmitters and modules to thermocouples, offering a wide range of options and possibilities. Based on our numerous applications, we can find the right measurement technology for every industry. One of our main focuses is the realization of standard products but also innovative and customized industry solutions.

  • Development and production of temperature probes
  • High precision temperature measurement
  • Wide product range
  • customized solutions
  • various temperature applications from -200°C to +1800°C
  • OEM applications

Humidity measurement technology

Many technical processes are related to air humidity in terms of dependency and influenceability. In order to be able to guarantee smooth production processes, the determination of the air humidity plays a decisive role. For the most part, relative humidity represents an important reference value at this point.

Basically, the relative humidity depends strongly on the temperature. For this reason, we offer our customers and interested parties reliable measuring systems for monitoring humidity and temperature. These measuring systems can be found in particular in refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as in building services engineering.

product range:

  • Humidity sensors
  • Humidity probes
  • Humidity modules / humidity transmitters
  • Humidity and temperature measuring devices
  • Digital humidity measurement systems
  • Humidity switchgears / humidity controllers
  • customer specific calibration
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Feuchtemesstechnik
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Druckmesstechnik

Pressure measurement technology

In processes involving the measurement of liquids and gases, pressure measurement technology is used in particular. For monitoring, determination and further analysis, we offer you a wide range of products for your measuring task, from sensor elements and sensor modules to pressure measuring systems.

  • customized design and temperature compensated, precise calibration
  • precise pressure measurement in liquid and gaseous media
  • pressure sensors
  • pressure modules
  • pressure transmitters
  • pressure measurement from -1 bar ( vacuum ) to 2500 (3000) bar

Brightness / Motion

The most diverse products can also be differentiated from one another in the area of brightness / movement. Here, in addition to the function, the area of application is also decisive, which is why a wide range of options is made possible at this point. In order to be able to support you in this area to your complete satisfaction, we offer you a wide range of products for the optimal light and motion-dependent control processes.

Product range:

  • Transducers / brightness sensors
  • Radar modules
  • Passive infrared radar modules
  • Radar motion sensor module
  • PIR motion sensors
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Helligkeit / Bewegung
B+B Thermo-Technik - Messtechnik & Sensorik - Füllstand

Level measurement technology

In order to be able to optimally round off our measurement technology areas, the level measurement technology must of course not be missing. Our products are used efficiently in a wide range of industries for monitoring, analysis and further regulation. As a competent partner in the field of measurement technology, you can also count on us in this area!

  • Switching devices, e.g. leakage detectors, switching modules
  • Measuring sensors, e.g. pendulum electrodes

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