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Farmitoo interviews us from B+B

We don’t want to deprive you of our interview with Farmitoo and hope you enjoy reading through it:

We are pleased to be able to interview your company for the second time. In the spring of 2021, you spoke in particular about the company’s history. What has changed for the company since 2021?

The world is constantly changing. Innovations and new technologies are important building blocks of today’s world, affecting both business and private life. Accordingly, self-reflection, adaptation as well as optimization and innovation play an important role in order to continuously develop as a company. It is exactly this aspect that we at B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH take exceptionally to heart in order to meet new requirements, wishes and developments to the highest degree.

With the official start of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020, both private individuals and companies had to face a new challenge. Consequently, we also had to face issues such as the worldwide shortage of materials as well as delayed delivery possibilities of our suppliers. In order to be able to act with foresight, we as a company have developed effective solutions to counteract this problem. The establishment of an alternative supplier structure, internal restructuring, process optimization and new capacities were all measures that enabled us to react at an early stage.

In addition, we were able to constantly expand our product portfolio during this time, for example, to bring temperature measurement systems in the form of our mobile data loggers for transport, storage and greenhouses to the market. Due to our adaptability as well as the extensive further development of our company, we were able to set a new sales record in 2022, which showed an increase of approx. 10.4% compared to the previous year.

Furthermore, in addition to the challenges already listed, we have dedicated ourselves to another important concern of B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH: our environment. For years, our company roof has been adorned by the installed photovoltaic system on a total area of 1900 m2. Now our newly introduced as well as digital download center also ensures the conservation of our environmental resources. Data sheets, operating instructions as well as software files of our standard products are made available online for downloading free of charge, thus eliminating the need to print this type of print media.

In conclusion to this question, it can be said that our company founder Mr. Rudolf Boll laid the foundation stone of our development with regard to our family-run company already in 1984. His two daughters Mrs. Kim-Chantal Boll and Evamaria Boll-Scholte van Mast were thus introduced into the management years before his official retirement at the end of 2022 and have successfully taken over the management position since then. According to the motto “the best of two worlds”, B+B combines in this respect two generations with different impulses and influences, which in this way enable an interplay between the origin, the origin, the development and the innovation.

A large B+B product range is available to our clientele. What makes your sensor technology so unique and successful?

Versatility, innovations and quality as well as comprehensive expertise in the field of measurement technology have always been able to give us an edge over our competitors. In addition to these basic principles of our way of working, we have another advantage, which we naturally disclose to every customer. In many cases, the customer may find an item that most closely matches his expectations, but does not seem to be exactly compatible with them. This is exactly where we come in! Not every application or handling area can be covered by a standard product. Therefore, customers can plan, realize and produce individual as well as customer-specific products with our team at any time. In this way, every customer finds exactly what he needs with us.

In addition to the possibility of individualization, our products also impress with an extraordinarily good price-performance ratio, which makes pricing extremely attractive, both for small quantities and for quantities on a large scale.

On your website you offer an insight into innovative solutions and ways of working. One example is the laser welding system that moved into the production building in October 2021. What advantages does this offer for the B+B product range?

The new laser welder has an immense time advantage due to its high performance. With faster processing, more orders can be realized in a shorter time. It also enables us to create new capacities, which in turn can be used for new projects. In addition to the time benefit, the new laser welding system convinces with its precision and advanced setting options. As a result, we have greater freedom with regard to adjustment, positioning and scaling.

B+B makes its mark on the region through events such as the B+B Youth Tournaments. What significance does social commitment have for the company?

Maintaining interpersonal relationships is extremely important to us as a company. Here we are very careful to devote our attention and appreciation both to our colleagues, customers but also to the people in our environment. For this reason, social commitment is also given a high priority at B+B.

In order to make our personal contribution in this respect, we take part, among other things, in annual charity runs, in which we walked around 200 km for a good cause last year. But not only charitable activities are cultivated at B+B – also internal actions or campaigns are designed with regard to charitable purposes, so that a part of the costs are used in the form of donations.

In all our efforts, however, we do not want to disregard the smallest ones. That is why we support the youth tournament in Wolterdingen due to our local proximity, in order to be able to commit ourselves to our youth in this way.

Next year, B+B Thermo-Technik will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Can you already tell us what B+B’s goals are for the next 10 years?

Basically, our 10-year plan deals with the goal as well as expansion of our positioning as an attractive development and manufacturing partner for innovative measurement solutions. Our market, which fundamentally refers to the field of measurement technology, is, like other sectors and areas, always subject to the changing times. Accordingly, concrete developments, goals and ideas can already be taken in this respect for our company-related 10-year plan. In this respect, our market also demands more intelligent as well as smarter processes and products, which is why the company of B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH is poised for strong growth in this respect, in which the topic of sustainability in particular will be in the foreground. Accordingly, more measurement technologies will be developed in relation to e.g. wind power plants or fuel cells. In addition, we would also like to lend our support to another area: agriculture. Here we continue to rely on our main pillars of temperature, humidity and pressure measurement technology, which we would like to enrich with effective further developments. In line with our motto “CREATING MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS”, which was launched in 2016, we were able to record exciting development projects in the field of environmental technology and equipment manufacturing at an early stage of our company-specific career.

But not only product-specific components will be found in our 10-year plan. The focus on customer satisfaction, as well as customer care and promotion, will also be given high priority in our company at all times. Accordingly, we are working on an optimized customer journey with regard to our online store. Our vision in this regard is directed toward the development of a customer portal in order to be able to competently accompany our visitors with comprehensive transparency from the creation of the offer to the order and delivery.

The last aspect to be mentioned in this context is our calibration and data service, where a customer-specific platform is being developed to visualize measurement results and collect data and findings quickly and easily. In this respect, the alarm function in the event of a measured value being exceeded or also fallen short of, as well as the automatic reminder function (when a measurement sensor has to be sent in again for calibration) support both our customers and business partners in their daily doing. Accordingly, effective automations represent an important role in terms of calibration optimization.

So look forward to the future together with our strong and competent team! We have a few surprises in store.

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