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The salt pot

The „Salt Pot“ – in a set, from B+B Humidity reference cells for humidity probes Humidity reference cells, also known as „salt pot” in the past, serve to control and adjust the humidity probes. The cell will be produced in…

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B+B goes wireless

It is in everyone mouths – the Internet of Things. The 4th industrial revolution is long underway: Buildings and machines are becoming clever and communicating with each other. Exclusive for you B+B has revealed at the SENSOR+TEST Fair in Nuremberg…

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Easy temperature monitoring

Irreversible 8-point temperature indicating stripes The self-adhesive temperature indicators have a heat-proof finish which protects them against thermical destruction. They are oil- and waterproof. They function due to a temperature-reacting indicator-substance inside the measurement strips. Depending on the temperature the…

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