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Calibration service - humidity

Measured variable relative humidity

Our humidity calibration service calibrates hygrometers with rod sensors or pure hygrometers.

Calibration item Calibration range (accredited) Calibration range
Humidity measuring devices (10…90) % RH at 22 °C (5…95) & RH at 22-24 °C

The standard points are 20 % RH, 50 % RH, 80 % RH at 22 °C for accredited calibrations and 20 % RH, 50 % RH, 80 % RH at 22-24 °C for factory calibrations.

Smallest possible measurement uncertainties

Calibration item Range Smallest possible measurement uncertainties
Humidity measuring devices (10…90) % RH, (20…25) °C 1,0 % RH

These features distinguish the calibration Service - humidity

Competent and qualified personnel demonstrated through our accreditation

Unique flexibility, practical orientation and customer proximity

Safety in the repatriation

and much more

Difference between work calibration and accredited calibration

You may also be wondering what the difference is between accredited calibration and work calibration. We will be pleased to show you the essential features. The corresponding DAkkS accreditation ensures that all our standards are traceable to national and international standards. In the so-called work calibration, the calibration position of the calibration object is documented. In certain areas, the two methods can also be used to achieve a wide range of benefits. The accredited calibration adds a national and international recognition of the calibration certificates by. In addition, this method can be associated with audit security. On the other hand, factory calibration has concrete advantages in terms of cost. The turnaround and processing time is also faster.

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