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Calibration service - pressure

Measured variable pressure

Our calibration service – pressure calibrates all pressure measuring instruments for negative and positive gauge pressure as well as absolute pressure, including pressure transmitters, transducers and pressure measuring cells. Calibration is performed as a factory calibration only.

Calibration item Calibration range (DAkkS) Calibration range (ISO)
Electrical pressure measuring device X (-1…150) bar r, (0…150) bar a

The calibration takes place at 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100% of the measuring range (as well as 0 bar r) in ascending and descending direction at (23 ± 1) ° C. The average of these two series of measurements is given in the calibration certificate.

If desired, the calibration can also be carried out at other temperatures in the range from -20 ° C to 80 ° C. For this purpose, the pressure measuring device is brought to the target temperature in a temperature cabinet.

Meaning: calibration service - pressure

At B+B Thermo-Technik, the in-house calibration laboratory offers a distinct advantage. The in-house implementation offers an advantage not only in terms of speed, but also in the information of our products. Since we know our assortment and our variety very well, we are able to get to exactly the right points in a short time and with extraordinary efficiency.

These features distinguish the calibration service - pressure

Qualified and competent personnel proved by our accreditation
Individual flexibility, practical orientation and customer proximity
Reliability in traceability
and much more

Difference accredited calibration and works calibration

What is the difference between calibration and works calibration? The corresponding DAkkS accreditation ensures that all our standards are traceable to national and international standards. The corresponding factory calibration documents here the calibration position of the calibration object. In this process, the most diverse advantages can also be explored. The accredited calibration adds a national and international recognition of the calibration certificates through. In addition, this method can be associated with audit security. The advantages of works calibration lie in the cost-effective calibration. Furthermore, here is a fast turnaround and processing time.

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