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Technical possibilities of the calibration laboratory - Calibration service - Temperature
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Measured variable temperature (resistance thermometer, thermocouples) – Calibration service – Temperature

Calibration service – Temperature: Resistance thermometers and base thermocouples are calibrated according to the guidelines DKD-R 5-1 and DKD-R 5-3

Services for resistance thermometers

  • Calibration at fixed temperature points: water triple point and gallium melting point*
  • Comparative calibration in the liquid bath and in the fluidizing solid bath up to 660 ° C*
  • Comparison calibration in a calibration oven 660 ° C
  • Determination of self-heating at the gallium melting point
  • Determination of the hysteresis of the thermometer

* Calibrations at accredited scope

Services for thermocouples

  • Batch test for thermal cables and elements up to 1200 ° C
  • Inhomogeneity analysis
  • Comparative calibration in the liquid bath and in the fluidizing solid bath up to 660 ° C*
  • Comparative calibration in a calibration oven 1200 °C

* Calibrations at accredited scope

Calibration item

Calibration range (accredited)

Calibration range (ISO)

Resistance thermometers

0,00 °C, 0,01 °C, 29,7646 °C
(Fixpoint calibration)

0,00 °C
(Ice point)

Resistance thermometers

(-30…550) °C

(-80…660) °C


(-30…660) °C

(-80…1200) °C

Smallest measurable measurement uncertainties, accredited calibration

Calibration item

Range Smallest measurable uncertainty
Resistance thermometer

0,00 °C

25 mK

0,01 °C, 29,7646 °C

5 mK

(-30…100) °C

50 mK

(>100…400) °C

80 mK

(>400…550) °C

0,1 K

Resistance thermometers with transmitter

(-30…550) °C UPRT + 0,1 K
Base thermocouples

(-30…100) °C

0,3 K
(>100…400) °C

0,5 K

(>400…550) °C

(>550…660) °C

0,7 K

1,5 K

Base thermocouples with transmitters

(-30…660) °C

UPRT + 0,5 K

UPRT is the expanded measurement uncertainty of the calibration of the resistance thermometer or the thermocouple

The smallest measurement uncertainty that can be specified is not necessarily feasible on every calibration item and may be less favorable for a particular thermometer.

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