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B+B Thermo-Technik Messtechnik & Sensorik | Measurement technology & sensors | Hochschule Furtwangen

Cooperation: Furtwangen University

Every student studying at Furtwangen University, Faculty of Digital Media, goes through a one-year “project study” in the 4th and 5th semester. In this project study, a student group of 5-6 people works on a given task.

B+B Thermo-Technik submitted a corresponding project to Furtwangen University in 2016 and the joint project work started in March 2017. The group of students had the task of making five application films and a teaser video for the new B+B product range kiro.

kiro is a range of wireless data loggers that transmit their data via radio to a central point, making them accessible to users from anywhere. Due to the complexity of the systems, application videos of the products are mandatory.

At the beginning of the joint project work, the six-member student group, including the supervising professor, was briefed intensively in a kick-off meeting. The requirements for the application films were clearly defined and five application areas were delineated, for each of which a film was to be created. In addition, there was a request for a short teaser film on the latest product innovation. After much deliberation, it was agreed to create live-action films in combination with animation sequences that would accurately portray the technical USPs.

The project team set to work with great motivation and prepared the scripts. After that, the organization of the filming locations, actors and the appropriate equipment got underway. At the same time, the animation sequences and an intro and outro were created. Suitable music also had to be selected and the voice-over texts translated into English. Since B+B wants to present the videos immediately on all company channels (website, online store, social media channels) as well as at international trade fairs, an English subtitle was essential.

Five application videos and one teaser video

The application videos depict five industries in which the kiro product range offers users high added value. The films for drying processes, medical technology, building automation, food technology and plant growth each feature one application scenario for the kiro solo and one for the kiro multi. They are designed so that even a layman can understand the applications of the wireless data loggers. This was particularly important to B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH, since new products that require a lot of explanation can be very daunting. Through the films, the application scenarios can be presented in a simple and straightforward manner and simplify the sales process, as well as the installation of the products for the customer. The Additional Teaser Video is a new product announcement of the kiro local. This will soon be launched on the market should arouse the curiosity of interested parties.

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