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Core temperature probe

Core temperature probe – Hygienic, robust, water vapor-tight, with centric or slanted measuring tip.

In food technology, as well as in the food industry, the hygienic detection and control of temperature is an important factor and often a legal requirement.

B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH supplies the appropriate products for these areas.

The product portfolio in the food sector includes, among other things, the core temperature sensor, a long-standing quality product from B+B Thermo-Technik which is used in food control and quality assurance. It can also be used in the OEM sector as a component in devices with integrated temperature monitoring, such as automatic cooking and baking machines, as well as cooking and smoking systems.

Quality features of this sensor series are the ergonomic and “safe to grip” handle made of high-temperature plastic PEEK in angled or straight form and the connecting cable made of Teflon, which are extremely hygienic and resistant to acids and alkalis due to their materials.

All designs are vibration-resistant and are characterized by high mechanical strength. Even fast temperature changes are no problem for the B+B core temperature sensors.

In order to achieve reliable measurement results in the ranges between -50°C and +260°C (+300°C for short periods), customers of B+B Thermo-Technik receive the core temperature sensors in the versions with thermocouples type K and high-precision platinum sensors Pt1000 and Pt100.

Insertion temperature sensors with multiple measuring points, sleeve lengths and handle shapes can be requested on a customer-specific basis.

Various versions of the core temperature sensors are B+B standard articles and mostly available from stock.

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