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Infrared measurement technology

Why infrared measurement technology?

With our eyes, we see the world in visible light. This light takes up only a small part of the available radiation spectrum, by far the largest part is invisible. The radiation of other spectral ranges always provides additional information. William Herschel also discovered this by chance around 1800.

Every body with a temperature above absolute zero of -273.15°C (= 0° Kelvin) emits at its surface an electromagnetic radiation proportional to its own temperature, so-called intrinsic radiation. Part of this radiation is infrared radiation, which can be used for temperature measurement.

The advantages of non-contact temperature measurement are obvious:

  • Measurement on moving, difficult to access or very hot objects
  • Very short measuring and response times
  • Non-reactive measurement, no influence on the object to be measured
  • Non-destructive measurement
  • Durability of the measuring point, no wear

Non-contact temperature measurement with infrared thermometers is a very powerful method for the observation, evaluation and control of process temperatures and in the preventive maintenance of machines and plants. Depending on the application, portable infrared thermometers or stationary infrared measuring technology, which in turn are divided into point and image measuring devices, are selected for use.

Portable devices

The portable laser thermometers for non-contact temperature measurement are characterized by the combination of modern industrial design with outstanding technical parameters. High-quality precision optics ensure that objects can be measured precisely at any distance. Switchgear, fuses, motors, electrical connections, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems can all be tested and monitored. Even leaks in ducts, clogged filters and iced-up cooling coils can be quickly fixed. Likewise, the diagnosis of engine malfunctions, overheating on catalytic converters, on the injection system, on the air conditioning system, on the cooling system or on the braking system can be made quickly.

With the FoodPro thermometer series, food specialists have a complete solution for temperature measurement and monitoring at their fingertips. The non-contact measuring FoodPro thermometer is the most important tool against improper goods deliveries, improper storage and errors in holding temperatures.

Stationary devices

In contrast to handheld thermometers, stationary infrared temperature sensors are often used for quality assurance in production lines. In addition to the non-contact temperature measurement and display of the measured data, the control of the process temperatures can also be carried out. The wide range of possibilities for adapting infrared temperature sensors to the measurement problem allows both uncomplicated retrofitting on existing production lines and long-term equipment of new lines in close cooperation with OEM customers in the mechanical engineering sector. A wide range of applications can be found in the plastics industry, in glass production, in the paper processing industry, in printing plants, in laser welding and cutting processes, and in measurements on electronic components.

Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are used to analyze dynamic thermal processes in product and process development, as well as for continuous observation and control of thermal processes. They are also occasionally used as a portable measuring device in the maintenance sector and for the detection of heat leaks.

Temperature detection with infrared measurement technology is usually indispensable for moving, or difficult to access measurement objects. B+B Thermo-Technik offers high-precision infrared temperature measurement systems for both mobile (handheld) and stationary (DM series) applications. B+B offers you the right measuring system for a wide variety of surface types and materials. Please contact us to select the right device for your application.

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