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kiro application video

In cooperation with Furtwangen University, B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH developed five application videos and a teaser video for the new wireless product series kiro over a period of one year (press release no. 2-2018). Now the first video has been published: the kiro application video for building services engineering.

The video presents to customers and also potential customers or interested parties through simple scenarios how the kiro product range is best used in the field of building technology. A scenario is shown with the kiro solo, which can be used to set up a rather small measuring system via WLAN. Here, for example, the temperature and humidity in a museum can be measured. Since many works of art are very sensitive to temperature and humidity, this is of central importance in many museums.

The second scenario is the kiro multi. This is particularly suitable for covering larger areas where the WLAN signal is simply no longer sufficient without a major upgrade. In addition, the kiro multi is energy self-sufficient thanks to its built-in solar cell. In larger systems, this means less maintenance work and also costs.

In addition, all the advantages of the two devices are listed in relation to building technology. In the museum, it is very easy to keep an eye on the temperature and humidity with the kiro solo and to act directly if the preset values are exceeded or not reached. Thus, the art can always be exhibited in optimal conditions and the valuable paintings have a longer life. Climatic conditions must also be taken into account when storing valuable art. With the kiro multi system, an entire warehouse or even a whole building complex can be monitored very easily, without any major installation effort. The cumbersome and time-consuming laying of long cables is not necessary with either system. Only the devices have to be placed at the desired location and put into operation.

In addition, the measured values can be accessed from anywhere. Thus, the monitoring also runs at night, which allows for quick intervention in case of a rash.

The combination of real film and graphic overlays makes it very easy to explain how the kiro measuring systems work. This way, not only experts but also laymen understand the functional principle of the wireless product range.

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