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kiro local

No matter what you want to measure and in what situation, we have the perfect measurement solution for you. The kiro local can take many forms and can therefore be used in many applications.

New technologies make it possible to address new requirements. Established techniques help to master them.

More and more situations arise where monitoring and control are needed to detect sources of error, maintain standards and increase quality and efficiency. As a result, the need for measurement systems with various requirements is steadily increasing. These include moderate installation costs, flexible adaptability and scalability of the measurement

scalability of the measured variables as well as optimization of existing solutions.

Furthermore, measured values that only occur in phases, e.g. wet and dry, light and dark or hot and cold phases, are becoming increasingly important. In order to be able to act quickly and efficiently in these cases, wireless systems are increasingly preferred, as they can be installed quickly and easily, even temporarily.

B+B Thermo-Technik already uses technologies of today for the sensor technology of tomorrow. We have added another short range wireless solution to our product range. kiro local uses the established 4th generation 2.4 GHz low energy technology. This reliable, wireless connection technology is already integrated in various B+B sensors.

The systems simplify the processes of the measurement procedures and offer many application possibilities.

In addition, they are very easy to install due to the wireless feature and can be put into operation directly.

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