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B+B Thermo-Technik Messtechnik & Sensorik | Measurement technology & sensors | Küchentechnik

Kitchen technology

Many B+B sensors are used in the field of gastronomy and kitchen technology. Not only the excellent design and the high quality of the sensors are convincing, but also the contact to our competent contact persons leads to quick success.

Together with our partner Kienle GmbH, we have already implemented projects for temperature measurement in deep fryers and pasta stoves. The temperature sensors are installed directly in the cooking basin and serve to precisely control the fat or water temperature. In interaction with the other installed electronics, the sensors ensure that the pasta and the deep-fried food are cooked “to the point”.

To meet the requirements of the food industry, only materials designed for this purpose are used. The contact points to the food, or to the medium that comes into contact with the food, are designed with stainless steels (e.g. 1.4404 or 1.4301) and plastics such as PEEK or PTFE. The measurement accuracy and durability of the probes are ensured by the waterproof design. The interplay of optimum pinching or rolling with the selection of the right potting compound ensure the desired result here.

In order to quickly measure the temperature of the oil or boiling water, the sensor length and the decoupling of the heating rods have been adapted here. The sensor length is selected so that the temperature of the medium is measured at the coldest point (almost at the surface). Due to the correct positioning of the measuring point in the probe and the temperature decoupling, the waste heat of the heating rods does not falsify the measuring result!

Due to their fast response time, enormous heat resistance (use of glass-silk cable, Inconel or ceramic materials), accuracy and reduced design, the probes are particularly suitable for use in cooking appliances.

B+B sensors are also used in many other areas of cooking and kitchen technology. For example, our sensors can also be found in ovens, combi steamers and quick cookers or in equipment for preparation technology (stirring machines, injectors, smoking systems).

In addition to the equipment mentioned, the universal sensors are also used in cleaning technology (washing machines, dishwashers, continuous flow systems) and in refrigeration technology (refrigerators, freezers, freezers and cold stores). Due to the precise sensor technology, the optimal use of energy is guaranteed and the devices/systems are particularly efficient.

Please contact us, we are your competent partner for measurement technology in the field of large kitchen appliances, catering kitchens and white goods. We are looking forward to your demand.

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