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kiro plant growth

You don’t want to take any risks with your plants? With the kiro system you can easily monitor temperature, humidity, soil moisture and much more, and intervene directly in case of emergency.

The video shows the use of wireless kiro products in various areas of plant growth. For example, the use of the system in greenhouses of all kinds. Here, constant temperature control is imperative, as plants can quickly spoil if the wrong temperature or humidity values are used. Likewise, a fresh air supply is necessary, which can also be controlled with the system. However, as soon as a door is left open for too long, the system sounds an alarm before the plants are damaged.

Especially when growing seedlings, the exact conditions are of enormous importance. The constant monitoring of the values can be done conveniently via a mobile device or a PC. The data is sent to a cloud and can be accessed from anywhere. This saves having to check the temperature readings several times.

The systems simplify the processes of the measurement procedures and offer many possible applications.

In addition, they are very easy to install due to their wireless feature and can be put into operation directly.

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