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Soon available: Our new kiro spot

With the kiro spot, long distances can be bridged wirelessly

The new kiro spot is coming soon! Easily monitor and analyze humidity and temperature values in environments to be protected, monuments, building structures or exhibits wirelessly and over long distances.

What is the kiro spot used for in detail?

Unsuitable environmental conditions can damage exhibits, impair agricultural land and affect plastic granulate tanks due to excessive moisture levels, with serious consequences for further processing. In addition, rooms in hospitals, care homes or public institutions such as schools can be exposed to a negative indoor climate or the fruit and vegetable section in supermarkets can be exposed to product deterioration. With our new kiro spot series, you can monitor, analyze and document the measured values at any time via the corresponding cloud in graphical and tabular form and process them further by exporting them.

In addition, the kiro spot duct enables you to measure the temperature and humidity of building materials, for example, and also impresses with its elegant and discreet design so that the product can be installed inconspicuously in a wide variety of locations. The kiro spot outdoor, on the other hand, is mainly used to monitor the aforementioned measured values outdoors and can therefore cover a wide range of applications.

The advantage:

Unpredictable changes in humidity and temperature can be detected quickly and appropriate countermeasures can be taken to protect exhibits, agricultural land, granulate tanks, the indoor climate and food monitoring. If, for example, the specified humidity limit has been reached or exceeded, the product gives you enough time to take decisive corrective action. In addition to the components already mentioned, there are two further functions for your safety: the specific analysis of the measured values and the confirmation of the measured values that have been complied with.


Would you like to pre-order our kiro spot series? Then please send us an e-mail with the following details to

  1. Subject: Pre-order kiro spot
  2. Which kiro spot variant has aroused your interest? (kiro spot indoor, kiro spot outdoor, kiro spot duct; can also be combined)
  3. Tell us the respective number of kiro spot devices
  4. How many gateways do you need?

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