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10 years ago, in August 2011, B+B Thermo-Technik took over a part of the company Hygrosens Instruments. But how did this takeover come about and what became of the acquired part?

In 1984, Rudolf Boll founded the company B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH together with Norbert Baumann in Donaueschingen-Allmendshofen. In small premises, he tinkered with measurement solutions and electronic evaluation solutions. Over the years, the company grew steadily. Already 4 years after the foundation, the boss and his first employees moved to the new company building in Donaueschingen. A steady growth was followed by the foundation of further locations. Thus, a branch office was founded in the Netherlands and one production site each in China and in Serbia.

In 2011, B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH took over the humidity and pressure measurement technology business areas of Hygrosens Instruments and thus further expanded its range of measurement technology for a wide variety of applications.

Hygrosens Instruments was well known as a supplier within B+B. Years before the takeover, B+B had already been purchasing measurement technology products in the areas of humidity and pressure from the manufacturer in Löffingen. Thus, special customer requests for measurement variables outside of B+B’s know-how could still be served.

In 2011, an unexpected request finally came into the house. Mr. Friedrich, the owner and founder of Hygrosens, asked Rudolf Boll if B+B would like to take over Hygrosens, because the man from Löffingen wanted to get out of the industry and turn his hobby into his profession.

However, B+B rejected an initial offer because too many Hygrosens products were not interesting for the measurement technology manufacturer from Donaueschingen. Finally, after negotiations, there was an agreement on a partial purchase of Hygrosens: B+B took over a little more than 50% of Hygrosens Instruments; this concerned the areas of humidity and pressure measurement technology. The remaining areas were taken over by the company Beko Technologies.

The former founder of Hygrosens trained the B+B personnel in the new measurement technology areas humidity and pressure and in addition B+B was able to take over approx. 10 experienced employees for the electronics production also from Hygrosens. Due to these good general conditions the acquisition of new product fields was an enrichment for B+B. The customer base could be increased by approx. 25%, as the previous Hygrosens customers could now be served by B+B.

Since the acquisition in 2011, a lot has happened in the field of humidity and pressure measurement technology. B+B is constantly developing the existing products and adapting them to the latest technological standards. Likewise, the needs of customers have been analyzed and the product portfolio expanded.

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