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Release: New GLT series

The pendulum probe

The pendulum sensor is perfect for measuring in places that are difficult to access. This is particularly helpful in industrial or building automation. Thanks to the slim stainless steel tube, the B+B pendulum sensor of the GLT series is ideally suited for this purpose. Due to the sinter filter, the sensitive sensor tip is optimally protected against dust and other contaminants.

Pendulum sensors are normally found in the application areas of drying technology, but also in industrial measurement and control technology. Another possible application of the pendulum sensor is the monitoring of bulk materials.

The output signal for the measured temperature and humidity can be 0…10 Volt or 4…20mA (two-wire technology). In addition, the pendulum sensor is also available with a paper white display.

The duct sensor

Another product in the BMS series is the duct sensor, which was specially developed for use in air conditioning and building services engineering. Here, too, there is efficient protection thanks to a suitable sinter filter.

The special feature of the B+B duct sensor is the fact that the evaluation electronics are located in a plastic housing on the back. This makes access to the connection terminals extremely easy.

As with the pendulum sensor, output signals of 0…10 volts or 4…20 mA (two-wire technology) are available for the duct sensor. In addition, the duct sensor is also available with a paper white display.

The application areas of the duct sensor include not only building control and automation, but also ventilation ducts, ventilation systems and process monitoring. This BMS variant can also be found in drying technology as well as in air conditioning and heating technology.

The outdoor sensor

The main task of the outdoor sensor is to ensure reliable functionality even in harsh environmental conditions. The B+B outdoor sensor of the BMS series was specially designed for this requirement, but also excels in all other requirements.

As an output signal for the measured temperature or temperature and humidity 0…10 Volt or 4…20mA (two-wire technology) are available. In addition, our outdoor sensors are available with a paper-white display. Due to the additional protection of the sinter filter, the B+B outdoor sensor works reliably in aggressive environments.

The outdoor sensor is mainly used in process engineering, as well as in heating and air conditioning. Among other things, it can be found in numerous application areas of building technology or industrial measurement and control technology.

The room sensor

Suitable for use in building automation, the room sensor is packaged in a classic wall-mounted housing. The housing is designed for mounting on standardized 68mm installation boxes, the connection is located in the bottom of the housing. As output signal 0…10 Volt or 4…20mA (two-wire technology) are available. In addition, a variant with paper-white display for visualization of the measured values is available.

Room sensors can be used in many ways, for example in museums and exhibition rooms, as well as in assembly and conference facilities. This variant of the BMS series is also useful in building services up to clean room, air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

Attention: The room sensor is not suitable for application areas in aggressive environments.

The compact sensor

With its slim stainless steel housing, the B+B compact sensor of the GLT series is perfectly suited for measuring temperature and humidity in very confined spaces.

The sensor technology, as well as the transmitter electronics, are both housed in the stainless steel tube instead of in a conventional electronics housing.

In order to optimize the function of the B+B compact sensor of the GLT series, the tip of the sensor is protected in the best possible way against contamination, such as oil particles, by a sinter filter. The output signal for the measured temperature and humidity is 0…10 volts or 4…20mA (two-wire technology). The connection is made via an M12 connector on the back of the device.

Similar to the pendulum sensor, the compact sensor can be used in various applications. Examples are the monitoring of bulk solids, industrial measurement and control technology and drying technology.

You are interested in one of the above mentioned sensors, have unanswered questions or would like to realize an individual inquiry? Then please feel free to contact us to clarify individual inquiries or to receive advice.

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