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B+B Thermo-Technik Messtechnik & Sensorik | Measurement technology & sensors | Wireless kabellose Messlösungen

Wireless measurement solutions

B+B creates wireless measurement systems for every application

No matter how much has developed in industry and technology over the past decades, the basic principle of measured value acquisition has always remained the same: An interpretation unit receives the signal from a sensor and an output unit makes the measured value interpretable for humans or another device. In recent years and decades, however, communication channels have changed dramatically. Technologies that originated in the first experiments of Heinrich Rudolf Hertz over 100 years ago are now taken for granted. Wireless data transmission such as broadcast, mobile and directional radio, GPS, WLAN, WPAN, RFID, NFC, satellite TV and infrared is used by all of us every day. No one has to worry about the operating principle because these technologies have proven to be reliable.

For a long time, these technologies were not used in industrial measurement technology. The investment and follow-up costs due to adaptation to previous status quo’s were too high. The confidence in the functionality was too uncertain and the need for measurement values with longer measurement cycles was too low.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, this attitude is now changing fundamentally.

B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH has also recognized this and has been developing individual wireless measurement solutions for several years, which are specially adapted to customer requirements.

For example, the kiro local can be used to reliably measure temperature, humidity and air pressure. These sensors are equipped with the standard WPAN Low Energy 4.2, which is extremely energy-saving and at the same time can reach ranges of up to 50 meters. At the same time, the measurement interval remains individually adjustable.
The sensor’s battery can be recharged at any time using a USB cable.

A suitable kiro local app is available to the user for evaluation, which provides measurement tables and graphs.

If the requirement for a wireless measurement solution is more than 50 m, there is also a suitable solution for this. With the kiro flex, data can be transmitted over long distances outdoors using WPWAN technology. This is suitable, for example, for level monitoring or temperature and humidity recording.

The user can conveniently call up, save and export his data in a cloud connection. Measurement tables and graphs illustrate the measurement data, and the device location can optionally be marked on a map.

In order to adapt the probes exactly to the respective requirements, they can take on almost any shape. Whether the application requires a handheld probe or a probe the size of a pinboard magnet, B+B Thermo Technik will design and manufacture the probes for your application.

For further information please contact the sales office of B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH.

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