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Temperature probe with connection head

Temperature sensor with connection head B

This type of temperature sensor has proven to be extremely stable over a long period of time and largely insensitive to electrical interference due to its robust design. Therefore, they have become irreplaceable in temperature measurement technology.

The shape allows easy and quick installation and commissioning in the running processes, as well as the space for a variety of optional connection options and transmitters.

Very good thermal properties make these probes particularly suitable for measurement in combustion and processing plants in the steel, aluminum and chemical industries. They also offer excellent resistance properties, which are in demand in the cement industry, refineries and mechanical engineering.

Temperature probes with MA connection head

Despite their compact design, the electronic temperature sensors with MA connection head feature all the flexibility of these sensor families. With vibration-resistant construction, the measuring inserts can also be designed as fixed or replaceable elements, whereby the sensor length remains freely selectable.

Furthermore, B+B customers choose whether these probes are to be manufactured as resistance thermometers or thermocouple probes. Due to appropriate manufacturing techniques, these probes are suitable for highest tightness at over- and underpressure. The high-alloy, metal thermowells allow for temperature recordings of up to 1800°C.

Temperature probes with BINOX connection head

The temperature probes with the BINOX stainless steel connection head from B+B form the top class of this product group. With extreme robustness, optimal design and hardly any dirt edges as well as easy sterilizability, the BINOX heads meet all requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to all the advantages of this product family, the BINOX probes offer further benefits such as freedom from maintenance and lower follow-up costs as well as extended warranty. These benefits guarantee early amortization of your costs.

Optional accessories

Screw-in sleeves and clamp connections

B+B offers a range of screw-in sleeves and clamp connections in variable diameters, lengths and materials to match all probes with connection heads.

This type of connection protects the probes from process loads such as chemically aggressive media, high pressure or extreme temperatures.
Further advantages are; uninterrupted interventions in running processes! If sensors have to be removed, it is not necessary to drain the system, for example, and the pressure resistance can still be guaranteed. Likewise, high temperatures of a furnace do not have to be shut down in order to change a sensor.

Terminal blocks and transmitters

B+B also offers robust and reliable technology in the area of connection technology.

In addition to ceramic terminal blocks for the safe connection of sensor and connection cables, B+B offers a variety of transmitters that can be inserted precisely into the connection heads.

These are used to make the measured values of the sensors interpretable as analog or digital values for control systems.

The listed advantages and properties make the temperature sensors with connection head from B+B indispensable in the areas of heating, air conditioning and ventilation technology.
The sensors are also absolutely reliable helpers in machine, plant and apparatus construction.

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